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I have been a freelance writer since 2012 and have published articles on a variety of websites. I began part-time with Yahoo Voices! and then moved onto several other opportunities including project management sites, software review sites, and general publishing sites.

I have an A.A.S. in CIS and a B.S. in Information Technology. My experience includes project management, department management, account management, assistant program management, web design, and customer service.

I love technology – specifically – terrific games and apps for iOS, software that makes your life easier, and productivity tools that you can use every day, in both work and home environments.

Where am I working now? These awesome and amazing sites!

  1. AppAdvice.com: I write about iOS app news, app lists, and contribute to a regular column.
  2. MakeUseOf.com: I am dedicated to writing about Browsers and Office Productivity, however, I have also written for iPhone/iPad, The Internet, Technology Explained, Social Media, Entertainment, Finance, and Self Improvement.

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If you would like to see my articles with published samples of my work, please visit my author pages from the above sites at: AppAdvice.com and MakeUseOf.com.

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